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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Duck Dive for Passing Waves While Paddling on a Surfboard

A construction industry leader in greater Washington, D.C., Derrick Sieber has owned and operated Precision Contracting Solutions for well over a decade. When he isn’t working, Derrick Sieber is an avid fan of water-based recreation such as swimming, fishing, and surfing.

One of the first skills that an aspiring surfer must learn is how to paddle out into the surf. In short, before surfers can catch the right wave, they must paddle against incoming currents and pass numerous waves in shallow water. The duck dive is a common technique that has proven effective for avoiding waves while paddling against them.

Rather than passing over a difficult oncoming wave, the duck dive allows surfers to pass under it with their surfboard in hand. Surfers must first ensure that their board is perpendicular to the wave in order to execute a duck dive. Grabbing the board about halfway between its nose and midpoint, when the wave is roughly two feet away, surfers should lean forward hard to submerge board and body beneath the wave. 

Surfers should then press down on the back half of their board with one leg just after they begin to dive. This helps them avoid hitting the seafloor, keeps the board in an upright position, and brings the board safely to the surface on the other side of the passing wave.